Loyalty Business Brokers focuses on finding the right match between people looking to sell their business and people looking to buy a business. Our tried-and-true system gives brokers, and their agents, a formula for advertising and networking that creates an environment of efficiency and effectiveness in the market.  Our seamless process puts opportunities in front of entrepreneurs that facilitates an easy transition between buying and selling a business.  We manage the pricing, business valuations and finally the closing of each transaction.  We help take the stress out of selling your business through transparency with the buyers. Loyalty Business Brokers ensure both parties make an informed decision so that each party is pleased with their transactional experience.  We are experts at connecting buyers and sellers.

Andrew Erskine
Business Broker

Before becoming a Strategic-Partner and Business Broker with Loyalty Business Brokers, Andy was a Business Broker and Franchisee in the Houston area since January of 2020. Prior to Business Brokerage Andy worked with Management 2000, a Growth Strategy Consulting Firm, since 2011 and continually grew its client base to 1,600 brands. Andy's role as President was to manage the day to day operations with his team. He also was the Senior Consultant for the company’s international clients and those that use franchising as a growth strategy.

Andy worked with over 200 different brands during his 10 years on projects ranging from training and development for Franchisors, performance improvement consulting and development plans for clients (international and domestic), helping brands with strategic planning and implementation to meet and exceed goals.

Andy’s experience in franchising and with the international business markets has led him and his business partner, Bob Gappa, to Loyalty Business Brokers. After being in the business for 2 years in Houston, Andy and Bob decided to transition to Loyalty Business Brokers to better serve the needs of their clients and offer more opportunities for their Business Brokers.

Their mission is "Helping people achieve personal and business goals". Living this day in and day out the Loyalty Business Brokers' team in Texas has grown to serve clients in over 10 states and looks forward to having a positive impact on the community in which they serve.